Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swing of Fire and Caliaskawai'i!

Our two HOPU teams had a successful beer and fun filled weekend.

Swing of Fire stats:
  • winner of opening cheer
  • winner of spirit award
  • semi finalist for boat race
  • 9th place overall
  • two bad knees, one bad shoulder, one case of heat exhaustion, one hurt ankle, but other than that we are alive!
  • Congrats Amy, Dave, Bhama, JP, Sean, Nick, Julia, the Arizona musketeers: Mason, Andy, Ben, and Kristine, Timber, Brian, and Keoki
Caliaskawai'i stats:
  • Finalist for boat race only beaten by a cheatin' team ;)
  • 3rd or 4th place in tourney, not sure ;)
  • 21+ people on that crazy team!!!
  • thongs, bras, green dresses, beer bongs, octopus sharks, and balls
  • Congrats ... no way i am listing every one of you crazy peops...lol
Til next year!!!!

Time to get ready for Kaimana!!!!!