Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kaimana Klassik XXII

A huge Mahalo to the Oahu men and women who made this year's Kaimana a huge success!!!

We, the big island crew, had a blast! Everything was awesome!

Our men, Helolo, won the spirit award via mustaches and boat races...hells yeah!!!

Can't wait til next year!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hi...we're back!

It is dusty around this site. Yikes!!

Well i left and then i came back because, seriously, who could stay away from Hilo Ultimate?!?!

Turns out nothing much has changed. Our community is still kickin' or should i say huckin' and as tight as ever. People come and go, so is the life on this island.

I am sure the traffic on this site has decreased quite a bit and so I went ahead and created a Facebook profile for us. So check it out and join if you want.

In other news:

1. Kaimana Klassik 22 is coming up quickly! Feb. 13-16 2009. Hilo is sending their sexy and hairy men's team Helolo and a few of our gorgeous ladies to play with Oahu's Sippin' Sallies. We're excited!!

2. Maui Hat Draw is also happening the week after Kaimana. Registration is cheap this year and over 100 folks already signed up. So go check it out!!!

3. League 356 (i can't even remember what number we are on) is going start after Kaimana. I am volunteering to be the comish unless someone else is dying to do it!

4. Night Ultimate returned this January and man, was it ever a success: over 20 folks showed up and we had a fun show down between Hilo and the World :). Can't wait for the next one? Stay tuned!

Thanks to katie and eric who have updated the site in the mean while!!!