Monday, September 15, 2008

Bouquet League Week 1

Wow, over three months since we've had a Hilo Ultimate blog update. We really miss you Dine...thanks go out to Katie for giving me access to post and read her email!

Thanks or blame goes to Captain Mongo for changing the Patriot League into the Bouquet League. Happy Valentine's Day in September (I <3 Mike Long).

The final score was 13-12-9 or something like that, in order of Pink-Red-White. Each of those teams gets 3-2-1 points in the standings, respectively. Everyone but me had great spirit, so kudos to all of you!

For next week, let's try and come up with team names (other than SoF), start play at 4:30 sharp, and do team cheers at the end of play. I will bring spirit player prizes and/or beers. It has been a great start for our league, if you couldn't make it last week, make sure to show up next time!

Commish Eric