Saturday, January 12, 2008

Big Island Savage Seven

It's on...the Big Island's First Official Savage Seven Tourney on January 19th.

At this point it looks like we have enough for 4 teams playing 4/3 format. We need players, especially women, or teams to help us fill out an 8 team tournament.


Where: Big Island -Hilo (bayfront)
When: January 19,2008 (Saturday)
Format: 4/3 -Savage- absolutely no subs! 1-day only. (I figure two pools of four, top two teams in each pool advance to semi's and finals.

Cost: Between $10 and $20 - some food will be provided, maybe pizzas for lunch, and of course beer. No overnight accomodations. Pay before you play! (I'll start working on the budget pretty soon)

Teams as of now:
BFF, UGG, Mod Squad, Gelber team, Kona team, Waimea Team, People's Team