Thursday, August 30, 2007

League VII - To begin soon....

So the time has come for another league to prepare us all for Hopu. Whether we are staying true to Hilo or backstabbing on a San Diego/Alaska "mutt" team, we all must practice together for our November competition. Our Fall League is set to commence on September 16th and run six weeks until the finals on October 21st. We will begin registration this Sunday and I will try to be present as much as possible during the next couple of weeks to get everyone signed up. What we need now is 3 captains to lead their teams to victory (or in Andrew's dream world: to provide him with beer at every game). Start thinking if you would like to be a captain. I would prefer 3 ladies but not any of our alpha females. Let's try for some of our relatively new girls (i.e. cory, sarah, other sarah, jeannie, bridgette, timber, etc.). So let's all have a great league and I'll see everyone on the pitch.

Your devoted commissioner,


Monday, August 27, 2007


Congrats to the Hawaii State Overall Disc Champions Laura G.and Andre N.!

A fun weekend filled with lots of dic. thank you to Andre and Doug for organizing the event and thank you to everybody else for showing up, for having fun, for cleaning up, and for supporting hawaii ultimate!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Upcoming Events

Its been dusty on this new updates for a while so i thought i'd bring everybody up to speed. Here are some upcoming events for Big Islanders:
  1. Hawaii State Overall Disc Championships! - The events are sponsored by The Hawaii Ultimate League Association (HULA). This year's Overalls will feature 6 of the 7 possible events - only freestyle will be excluded. It's going to be a packed weekend, so please be sure to register early, and be sure to be there on time. Events include: DDC, Accuracy, Distance, Self-Caught Flight (MTA and TRC), Golf, and Discathon.
  2. HOPU KA LEWA 9! - Swing of Fire, our very own Big Island coed team is sending their boat racing champions back to Oahu to defend the title. We are very excited. There is a second team with some big island players going as well so there is some fun to be had. Check out the HOPU website for more information. Practices will start september 2nd...better get ready!
  3. Blog Profiles! - I need more profiles, please send me your info so that you can become infamous on this website ;)
  4. HULA Insurance! - only a few days left to pay Unky Dave $23 for the HULA membership and insurance. It's worth it!
  5. League 6 (maybe 7?) to start soon! - Rumor has it that Joel will comish the thing, so keep an eye out for sign up sheets.

It's great to be back. Let's play some disk! YAY!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Player Profile - Andrew C.

First Name: Andrew
Field Name: Rooster, Heckles, Drewd (Missoula ult), that really loud guy on the sideline.
Profession: Botanist, field technician, Heckling
Age: 29
Favorite Field Position: On the sideline, beverage in hand yelling for my team or heckling our opponents into confused submission
Left or right handed: Depends on what we're talking about...
Skirt or shorts: Shorts, but I'm told I look pretty good in a skirt.
Lefthand point or zone (i.e. silly or serious) : you can't have one without the other.
Your best skill: being loud
When and where did you start playing?: Missoula, MT 1997-98
How long have you played in Hilo?: 3 years, off and on
Why do you play?: Because I've never been good at "normal" sports, because few other land based sports are as good of a workout; because no other "informal" sport has the same community of wonderful freaks who are as committed to the Game AND the Party, and you can find them around the world!
Any injuries?: yep
Ultimate memory: Jackson Hole 2000, youngest on the team has to shotgun a beer for possession and color before every game. I went 6-0.... Kaimana XX, Ho-down, a bunch of Missoula tournies, My first Missoula Halloween hat tourney when Rob Keck dosed our team on mushroom tea...too many more to list.
Memorable times with my friends is why I play ultimate.
Picture: I couldn't resist. Those pink panties are just too much. At Kaimana XX helolo style.