Wednesday, April 25, 2007

League VI - Game 4

After a week of rain in Hilo, the sun came out for Game 4 of league play. Last Sunday saw lots of energy, intensity, and great play on the field. Here are the stats:

Monkey Butt 3 (15pts)
Trippin Turtles 2 (12pts)
Black Mambas 1 (5pts)

Spirit players:
Sarah Nash - for her smiles, her positive attitude, her aamzing ability to put up with a lot of us ;)
Morris - for apologizing a hundred times for each foul he made on timber, for jumping high into the sky, for being so good lookin' and for inspiring good spirit in all of us.

Next Sunday's theme is socks! Get creative and crazy

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ultimate under the Lights

Join us once again for Saturday Night Ultimate in Honokaa!!!

It was a blast last time around and expect nothing less this weekend. Meet players from around the island, play at night under lights, enjoy the sounds of laughter and the swooosh of the disk, feel the cool ocean breeze, and simply enjoy a sweet game of ultimate.

Saturday, April 28th
7pm til pau
Honokaa Park

From Hilo: Take Hwy 19 north towards honokaa, right after TEX (yummy malasadas) turn right on Pakalana street. Take next left onto Lehua street and follow road until you see baseball field and lights on your right. There is gravel path below the field you can follow to park right next to the field.

Monday, April 16, 2007

League VI - Game 3

Another fantastic game of ULTIMATE!!!!
On Sunday we had on and off rain, but that did not stop the diverse group of headware-adorned, ultimate players from playing a wicked awesome game.

Stats from game 3:
Monkey Butt 3 (15pts)
Trippin Turtles 2 (8pts)
Black Mamba 1 (7pts)

Spirit players:
Amy - for her love of the game, her variety of wacky headware, her insanely brilliant cheer lyrics!
Joel - for insighting spirit where ever he goes, for butt slapping warm up cheers, for a never ending flow of sweet seductive beverages!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Swing of Fire tries for Potlatch 2007!

Oh yes....we're doin' it.

The first part of the bid is in. Once we get it completed we will wait to hear whether they will let the funnest, most spirited, most good-lookin', hot 'n sexiest team in.

Check out the website to get more info. Email me if you want in.

So far we already have 10 men and 7 gals, but we had to pick up some from california. I will give preferrence to big island/hawaii people.

Swing of Fire...yeah!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Player Profile - Paul N.

First Name: Paul
Field Name: Hey you
Profession: Civil Engineer
Age: 43
Favorite Field Position: cup/popper
Left or right handed: right
Skirt or shorts: shorts
Lefthand point or zone (i.e. silly or serious) : zone
Your best skill: push pass
When and where did you start playing?: Virginia Tech 1982
How long have you played in Hilo?: Since 1992
Why do you play?: For the money
Any injuries?: trick knee
Ultimate memory: Playing in pouring rain and knee-deep mud

Pic: TD Paul presenting the spirit award to Katie at the Hilo Hat Draw in 2006.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Eggs and League IV - Game 2

Could it have been a more beautiful evening for ultimate? I think not.
Game 2 of league went wonderfully on a sunny afternoon in Hilo, here are the stats:

Monkey Butt: 3 (13pts)

Black Mamba: 2 (10 pts)

Trippin Turtles: 1 (7pts)

Spirit players:
Corie - for her lovely personality, amazing consistent, never faltering spirit and of course: her crazy beau
Corey - for being the coolest dad on the field, for giving his best and smiling all the way through it! We are so glad you come out and play more now!

For next Sunday, everyone should come sporting their favorite piece of headwear. What do I mean? Well that is for you to determine. Let us see which team pulls off the best showing!

Monday, April 02, 2007

League VI - Game I

Last night we sucessfully played our first game of League VI!

Kudos to everyone who came out to play sporting skirts. It's a good feeling to know Hilo Ultimate players are up for any crazy idea that comes their way

Some stats from game 1

Monkey Butt 3 (final score 12 pts)

Frost Bite 2 (final score 11 pts)

Trippin Turtles 1 (final score 7 pts)

Spirit players:
Ashley - coz' you turn 21 only once in your life and she does sport the shortest skirts!
Jeff - coz you're new and still bring so much too the field, your smile is contageous and we love your ability to catch all our crazy throws in the end zone!

Ashley's 21st Birthday
Boys in skirts: Who wore it best? Phil or Andrew - We want your votes, comment now!
The farm cats hitchhiking to a game! That is dedication
Frost bites cheer - short, sweet, and to the point! Love it.
Monkey Butt spirit
Hot playing from all the teams

Contribute your highlights. Use the comment icon.

See you all next Sunday, games at 4:30 sharp

She Go Ho - Half Time Show

Mahalo Drew!

A soft cool breeze, a full moon, the smell of fresh cut grass, smiling faces, bright lights, a disk, and one awesome game of frisbee....that just about sums up our first ever 'under-the-lights' Honokaa saturday night pick up game.

Thank you Drew for organizing it. It was wonderful. Great to meet players from Waimea and Kona, to play under those lights, and to run on soft yummy grass.

I know Hilo had a blast!!!

Looking forward to the next one...everyone should come.