Friday, October 26, 2007


Whoa, a lot of spiderwebs and dust around this ol' blog. So how about a round of updates...yay!
  • League VII is officially over. After 5 games of fun competitive play with the Smurfs clearly coming in first and a Money - Minstrels showdown, we had finals last sunday. It was a close game between Money and the Minstrels but in the end Money showed how much their worth. An exciting and beer filled final game reinforced the power of the Smurfs who won 11-5 against Money. Congrats to the three hot girlie captains: Katie, Jeane, and Sarah; to the overall spirit winners: Jeane & Timber; and our fearless leader: Joel
  • Swing of Fire is getting ready to play at HOPU in three weeks. Sunday pick up will consist of scrimmages between the swingers and any other fearless Hilo player wanting to take us on!!!
  • The Big Island Pre-HOPU Hat Draw is coming up on November 4-5th in Hawi.
  • The planing committee for the Big Island Post Kaimana Hat Draw has been formed. If you would like to be art of it please contact us. Here is some stuff to get ready for:
    • Garage/Bake/Craft Sale Fundraiser on December 8th.
    • Disk Design Contest - bring your design to pick-up on Nov 4th.
    • We need a computer savvy person to establish a website
  • First Ever Hilo Big Island Savage Seven Tourney in Hilo on January 12th, 2008. Stay tuned for more info.
Lots going on!!!

We also need more Player profiles so email your data to me.