Monday, September 24, 2007

League VII- Game II

So the Tye-dyed hippies emerge once again victorious. Even without Mark and Ralph as subs, the Blue Balled Anal Suck wads pulled off a decisive win.
The speed and hucking power of the hippies is definitely a force to be reckoned with. But the game was much closer this week with a final score of:

Blue Balled Anal Suck wads: 12
Genetically Modified Afterbirths: 10
Veggie Skid marks: 8

I'd like to highlight the wonderful comeback of the green team (maybe you should fake more injuries, Timber...and call more fouls). So next week we will continue our name giving...the tye-dyes name the reds (time to get us back), the reds name the greens, and the greens name the tye-dyes. Also, please remember to give your captain $5 for the party. Everyone have a wonderful week and let's have another spirited and fun game next Sunday.
your commissioner,
p.s. I will not be at next week's game so Dr. Jonathan Price will be acting commissioner. Please show him the same respect you all show me (so rag on him the whole time).