Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Player Profile - Andrew C.

First Name: Andrew
Field Name: Rooster, Heckles, Drewd (Missoula ult), that really loud guy on the sideline.
Profession: Botanist, field technician, Heckling
Age: 29
Favorite Field Position: On the sideline, beverage in hand yelling for my team or heckling our opponents into confused submission
Left or right handed: Depends on what we're talking about...
Skirt or shorts: Shorts, but I'm told I look pretty good in a skirt.
Lefthand point or zone (i.e. silly or serious) : you can't have one without the other.
Your best skill: being loud
When and where did you start playing?: Missoula, MT 1997-98
How long have you played in Hilo?: 3 years, off and on
Why do you play?: Because I've never been good at "normal" sports, because few other land based sports are as good of a workout; because no other "informal" sport has the same community of wonderful freaks who are as committed to the Game AND the Party, and you can find them around the world!
Any injuries?: yep
Ultimate memory: Jackson Hole 2000, youngest on the team has to shotgun a beer for possession and color before every game. I went 6-0.... Kaimana XX, Ho-down, a bunch of Missoula tournies, My first Missoula Halloween hat tourney when Rob Keck dosed our team on mushroom tea...too many more to list.
Memorable times with my friends is why I play ultimate.
Picture: I couldn't resist. Those pink panties are just too much. At Kaimana XX helolo style.