Thursday, August 30, 2007

League VII - To begin soon....

So the time has come for another league to prepare us all for Hopu. Whether we are staying true to Hilo or backstabbing on a San Diego/Alaska "mutt" team, we all must practice together for our November competition. Our Fall League is set to commence on September 16th and run six weeks until the finals on October 21st. We will begin registration this Sunday and I will try to be present as much as possible during the next couple of weeks to get everyone signed up. What we need now is 3 captains to lead their teams to victory (or in Andrew's dream world: to provide him with beer at every game). Start thinking if you would like to be a captain. I would prefer 3 ladies but not any of our alpha females. Let's try for some of our relatively new girls (i.e. cory, sarah, other sarah, jeannie, bridgette, timber, etc.). So let's all have a great league and I'll see everyone on the pitch.

Your devoted commissioner,