Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Swing of Fire wins it all!

Wouldn't that have been funny....well ok so not ALL...but we did win new friends (thanx gilligan, skippy, ellie, laura, emu, crush, rookie, bamboo, and millhouse...you guys are AWESOME) and two games. On saturday we had 4 games and lost the first three by 1 or 2 points. Very close games and very fun! the team came together so well like we'd been playing together for years. By game 4, mongo managed to find rum, a car battery and a blender and voila...you got yourself some lava flows! Before you know it you also got yourself a very very drunk swing of fire team...which turns out can win games that way. We won game 4 by the power of booze.
So much fun!
After a sweet party at the Red Hook Brewing Company with smoked salmon, we danced the night away!
The next day, Swing won the first game but lost the second one. So that was that. Overall, a sweet weekend with lots of fun. Thank you Gilligan for bringing the crew, thanx also to mongo for all that spirit, thanx to JP for your mad ukelele skills, thanx to Timber for always keepin it positive, thanx to Lody for being so fun, thanx to Jon for cross field hammers, thanx to Nate for joining us last minute, and thanx to Canuck Matt who joined us as our honorary hilo-canadian...so good to see you again.

I had a blast, hope you had fun too!

Congrats to SWING OF FIRE...our first off island tourney!!!