Monday, May 07, 2007

Swing Of Fire Going To Potlatch!

Bid accepted.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Exciting Conclusion of League VI

Wow! What a fantastic day of Ultimate.
The Black Mambas and Trippin' Turtles started the afternoon with the semi-finals game. The play was well matched and intense. From the beginning the score tied up. If it wasn't for the hard cap at 8 and a clutch Adam arrival, the game would have surely gone on for hours. In the end, the Trippin' Turtles squeaked out a victory and went on to play Monkey Butt in the playoffs.

Monkey Butt and Trippin Turtles faced off on the field, while the Black Mambas heckled from the sidelines consuming large quantites of amber bounty. At half time, it seemed truly dire for the Trippin Turtles with the score cards reading 2-8. However, play got a little more exciting during the second half of the game with the Turtles scoring 8 more points, and the Monkeys scoring 7 more points to win the game.

Thanks everyone who participated in League VI. It was a fun, spirited, and talented league. What other group of people would show up week after week in ridiculous outfits and play their hearts out. Phil and I have had a great time as commissioners. Thanks Hilo Ultimate for being so awesome!
So, who is on League VII?

Game V

Game V:
Unfortunately, since it took me so long to post this I have forgotten the actual scores of the game. Feel free to leave them on a comment

Monkey Butt: 3 (11pts)
Black Mamba:2 (10pts)
Trippin' Turtles: 1 (6pts)

Spirit Players:

Mongo, for finally smiling...nooo, just kiddin'. Its coz we love you and you are such an amazong player and we love to watch you kick some monley butt.

Sparta, coz you da bomb girl!