Monday, April 02, 2007

League VI - Game I

Last night we sucessfully played our first game of League VI!

Kudos to everyone who came out to play sporting skirts. It's a good feeling to know Hilo Ultimate players are up for any crazy idea that comes their way

Some stats from game 1

Monkey Butt 3 (final score 12 pts)

Frost Bite 2 (final score 11 pts)

Trippin Turtles 1 (final score 7 pts)

Spirit players:
Ashley - coz' you turn 21 only once in your life and she does sport the shortest skirts!
Jeff - coz you're new and still bring so much too the field, your smile is contageous and we love your ability to catch all our crazy throws in the end zone!

Ashley's 21st Birthday
Boys in skirts: Who wore it best? Phil or Andrew - We want your votes, comment now!
The farm cats hitchhiking to a game! That is dedication
Frost bites cheer - short, sweet, and to the point! Love it.
Monkey Butt spirit
Hot playing from all the teams

Contribute your highlights. Use the comment icon.

See you all next Sunday, games at 4:30 sharp