Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Eggs and League IV - Game 2

Could it have been a more beautiful evening for ultimate? I think not.
Game 2 of league went wonderfully on a sunny afternoon in Hilo, here are the stats:

Monkey Butt: 3 (13pts)

Black Mamba: 2 (10 pts)

Trippin Turtles: 1 (7pts)

Spirit players:
Corie - for her lovely personality, amazing consistent, never faltering spirit and of course: her crazy beau
Corey - for being the coolest dad on the field, for giving his best and smiling all the way through it! We are so glad you come out and play more now!

For next Sunday, everyone should come sporting their favorite piece of headwear. What do I mean? Well that is for you to determine. Let us see which team pulls off the best showing!