Friday, February 02, 2007

Player Profile - Keek H.

First Name: Keek "the Hammer"
Field Name: Swillfest!!!
Profession: Jack of all trades, Master of the family
Age: 48
Favorite Field Position: Hucker
Left or right handed: Right
Skirt or shorts: Shorts for me, Skirts for girls/girlymen
Lefthand point or zone (i.e. silly or serious) : zone when stakes are high
(never been high yet)
Your best skill: finishing
When and where did you start playing?: University of Hawaii, Manoa, 1979
How long have you played in Hilo?: 1998
Why do you play?: No longer play. Will teach to those who'll listen.
Any injuries?: Too many to list.
Ultimate memory: Too many brain cells burned. Memory is hazy. Flahbacks of Hilo consist of 3 vs 3 by the statue, nurturing Mark and Chloe in becoming great players, our first Hilo League when during the finals Eric getting chased out of a residential port-a-pottie for taking a dump in their bathroom. On Oahu: the many
Kaimana Klassics beginning with the first, and before that Oahu's humble beginnings at Kapiolani park, meeting my future wife and soulmate and introducing her to our culture where she fit like a glove, watching her pass out in my VW van with a cup full of beer still in her hand spilling all over her. Oh, the fun!
Pic: Paki and Keek (on right) enjoying Hilo Ultimate.