Thursday, January 18, 2007

Player Profile - Amy B.

First Name: Amy
Field Name: None that people are willing to say to my face.
Profession: Teacher/School Design
Age: 42
Favorite Field Position: Upright and occasionally horizontal
Left or right handed: right, but I'm thinking of changing to left for
the second half of my career

Skirt or shorts: Skort
Lefthand point or zone (i.e. silly or serious) : Zone, of course. In the
wind and the rain

Your best skill: Consistency, inside-out forehand, trash talking
When and where did you start playing?: Indiana, 1988
How long have you played in Hilo?: 10 years
Why do you play?: For the adrenaline rush. To be a role model for my
children. Ultimate completes my spirit.

Any injuries?: None that have ever stopped me for long.
Ultimate memory: Winning a close, intense game against the nastiest
group of women I've ever met (UNC-Wilmington---Seaweed) at College
Nationals. Watching all of the young kids I play with get hooked on the
Love of the Game...Mark Turner makes me happy.

Picture: Amy skying high during League II Finals between the Disc'o Demons & Kai