Sunday, December 17, 2006

Volcano suffocates on own vog and rain

Hilo squeaked out a victory, being the favorites from the beginning, on a rainy and cold saturday. They outmatched and outclassed a soggy-bottomed volcano crew. The vog suckers put up a good challenge at the beginning but were never able to take the lead. After half time Hilo simply sped ahead with muddy layouts and remarkable precision and agility. The lowlanders crushed volcano with a breathtaking 15-8.
Both sides put up excellent players with great attitudes and often looked flawless. But the mighty hiloians couldn't be broken be it rain, vog, mud, or freezing temperatures.

Thank you to the volcano crew for hosting and for taking the loss with pride. You played awesome. Better luck next time...maybe by then you will have secured Mongo for your team ;)

We had a blast...let's do it again! Anyone wanna challenge for a re-match?

JP, that party was a hit. Cheers!