Monday, November 06, 2006

Player Profile - Dave G.

to the Hilo Ultimate Daddy

First Name: Dave
Field Name: Gelber
Profession: Itinerant Ultimate Player
Age: None of your beeswax
Favorite Field Position: Handler
Left or right handed: Right
Skirt or shorts: shorts usually, but a skirt if the occasion calls for it
Lefthand point or zone (silly or serious): seriously silly
Your best skill: Kama Sutra Position #91
When and where did you start playing?: SDSU 1979
How long have you played in Hilo?: 4 years
Why do you play?: When you play ultimate you can't think of anything but frisbee, hence all of your worries fly away.
Any injuries?: Broken hands, fingers; sprained ankle, pulled muscles and bruised knees
Ultimate memory: 1st Kaimana tournament in 1992 where i applied Gold Bond powder to my genetials on a dare. I walked bow legged for the rest of the tournament.

Picture: Papa Dave taking defense serious at the Hilo Hat Draw Tournament 2006