Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hopu Ka Lewa 8 - Results

Ahhh, we're back!!!!
T'was a blissfully beautiful and rambunctious weekend! Lots of sunshine, lots of heat, lots of ultimate, lots of skin, lots of dancing 'n singing' 'n cheering. We're all tired but we're happy!!!

SWING OF FIRE (majority of Hilo players):
Overall - 6th place (5 losses, 4 wins, 1 tie)
Boat Race - 1st place (picture of trophy showing soon)
Spirit - 2nd place (well ok, we tied with Salllies and Pirates so it came down to a 3 way boatrace and them darn ol' cheatin' pirates ...arrrrhhhhh...stole fast racers from other teams and beat us...arrrrrrrhhhh)

ALOHA SPIRIT (Steve, Rick, Jody, and Jon E.):
They won the Penultimate Trophy...yay!!!
The best Aloha spirit team ever at HOPU!!!

HUCKING FAOLES (Joel And Chloe):
Played hard all through the tourney...1st in body shots...all due to Joel!!!!

It was a blast and everybody had fun. Besides some scratches and minor injuries everybody is healthy and happy! We played hard, sang loud, and danced proud!

Congrats to all the Hilo players...and of course to all the other teams that came out to HOPU!!!