Monday, October 09, 2006

League V - Finals

The Hilo Ultimate League Finals will begin at 2:00 this coming Saturday!!! Everyone should arrive at 1:30 for warming up, because play will start promptly at 2:00!!! The final score on points for regular league play and seeding for the Finals are as follows:

Black Hole 11 points 1st seed
Chupa Lachuga 10 points 2nd seed
Beet It 9 points 3rd seed

So, in the Playoff Round will be Chupa Lachuga vs. Beet It in a 7 or 8- point game. This game will begin at 2:00 this Saturday!!! Following the playoff round, there will be a short break (15-30 minutes) and then the Final will begin between Black Hole and the winner of the Playoff. The Final will be to 15 or the time cap. Following the Final, awards will be given and the party will commence.

Everyone should bring grilling items and can make pupus to bring if you are happy. I think we will have a really good day of ultimate since the teams were brilliantly chosen. See everyone on the field!!!

Yours in commissioning,