Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kaimana XX Update

NEWS: both men and women of the Big Island of Hawaii have entered their bids for Kaimana XX!!! Let's Hope we both get in....yay!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Womenz Wednesdayz

I just need to say how excited i am about our Big Island Women huckers. Last night we had 13 gals out!!! THIRTEEN! That is awesome! Everyone is into it and learning and laughing. Its so exciting to see this grow.

A huge Mahalo to Bhama for getting this started and to Amy for taking the reigns on skillz and drillz!

Big Island Wahine Rock!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Frisbees For Sale!

You know you want one!!!

Our own very fast flyin' good-lookin' frisbees from the Hilo Hat Tournament 2006 designed by Morris!!!!

Only $8 a pop

black with metallic green design or white with rainbow design or blue with gold design

Contact Amy if you want one!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost & Found

* Aviator sunglasses (Ashley)

*sunglasses (not aviators, plastic frame) (Dan)
*tupperware container from final's BBQ, see-through with black lid (Dine)
*Portland State University T-shirt - black (Dine)

You lost or found something, please comment?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sunday Pick-up Returns

League is over and we are returning to Sunday Pick-up!!!

The usual spot, the usual time...

For Swing of Fire: be there at 2:30 for practice!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

League V Finale - Stats and Story

Last night's finals were a mixed bag of hot playing, serious heckling, terrific costuming, and all out fun.
The semi-finals were fast and furious (no joking). Chupa Lachuga got their butts handed to them in about 45 minutes by Beet It with a final score of 9-2 (OUCH!). It has been reported that the green team was so badly mourning the absence of their fearless captain Dave Gelber, that they couldn't manage to play with the fervor they had come to the field with over the rest of the league.

The final game featured Black Hole and Beet It in a head to head battle for the championship. Black Hole and Beet it were neck-in-neck for the first half, but after half-time Beet It broke away for a win of 15-7 (could Black Hole have been distracted by the half time show performed by the half schwilly Chupa Lachuga's?).
It was an overall great playoff afternoon- spirits were high, play was fierce, fun was had.

Spirit awards for League V:

Spirit awards for overall league V
Men: Phil
Women: Chloe

Spirit awards for league final game
Men: Will
Women: Corey

Thanks He-Mo for being our commish! You are the best

Upcoming: Stay tuned for info on League VI - probably to come after the holidays
Sunday pick up resumes next week
Hopu Practice resumes next week before Sunday pick up (?)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Player Profile - Morris

Here is to League V's comissioner...

First Name: Morris
Field Name: Mo/He-mo
Profession: Bird tech
Age: 25
Favorite Field Position: Handler
Left or right handed: Right
Skirt or shorts: Depends
Lefthand point or zone: Zone (4 man cup)
Your best skill: Tying my shoes
When and where did you start playing?: Hilo - 3 years ago
How long have you played in Hilo?: 2 years
Why do you play?: Fun, exercise, beers, everyone who plays, meeting girls
Any injuries?: Shins are a bitch
Ultimate memory: HOPU Mudfest 2006

Picture: Mo chasing disk high in the sky at Kaimana XIX 2006.

Monday, October 09, 2006

League V - Finals

The Hilo Ultimate League Finals will begin at 2:00 this coming Saturday!!! Everyone should arrive at 1:30 for warming up, because play will start promptly at 2:00!!! The final score on points for regular league play and seeding for the Finals are as follows:

Black Hole 11 points 1st seed
Chupa Lachuga 10 points 2nd seed
Beet It 9 points 3rd seed

So, in the Playoff Round will be Chupa Lachuga vs. Beet It in a 7 or 8- point game. This game will begin at 2:00 this Saturday!!! Following the playoff round, there will be a short break (15-30 minutes) and then the Final will begin between Black Hole and the winner of the Playoff. The Final will be to 15 or the time cap. Following the Final, awards will be given and the party will commence.

Everyone should bring grilling items and can make pupus to bring if you are happy. I think we will have a really good day of ultimate since the teams were brilliantly chosen. See everyone on the field!!!

Yours in commissioning,