Monday, September 25, 2006

Wahine Weekend

A message from da Oahu gals:

Hey Ladies!

It’s that time again – the weather is getting a little cooler (not too much though) – the days of Kaimana have made it slightly into our view – we’re ready to play some women’s ultimate!

What: Wahine Weekend – Fall 2006
When: Oct. 21-22 (Saturday and Sunday)
Where: Makiki District Park on Oahu
Who: All the wahine out there that love to play ultimate and any other wahine we can convince to try it out for the first time.
Why: We love playing womens. It’s less dangerous than playing with the boys. It’s a good chance to recruit. It’s another excuse for a party, good food, good friends to hang out with.

Check out the webpage that has been prepped with a tentative schedule and some more details about the weekend. http://www.hawaiiul wahine.asp We’re trying to focus a lot on recruitment for this wahine weekend. What that means for you – everyone who can, should try to bring along at least one new player. Bring someone who’s into sports, looking for a fun group of women to hang out with - someone who’s been longing to find that ultimate community.

Off-island ladies – I only have a few e-mail addresses for folks off-island – please please please, help me by forwarding this info to those whose addresses I don’t have. Also, right now Go!, Aloha, and Hawaiian are offering cheap inter-island tickets. Take advantage while you can so you can come spend the weekend with us.

Please RSVP with whether you can make it or not. (if you can make only one day and not the other let me know that too) Additionally if you have questions – please please ask away. We’ll send out another e-mail later with more details as necessary and answers to questions. Oahu ladies – if you have space to house some of our neighbor island friends, please let me know so we can plan accordingly.

See you all soon!!

- The Wahine Weekend planning committee
(Frances, Megan, Laura Gilda, and Kelly)