Tuesday, September 19, 2006

League V - Game 2 Recap

Another saturday another game! The beauty about this weeks game was that all the unexpected happened. Last weeks loser won, and last weeks winner lost. I like that. At this point all teams are even and everything is undecided...how fun!

From the start Green showed its true colors winning every point but one. They came back with a vengeance. Black struggled to keep up and red wasn't even on the score board. But after a while red managed to catch up to black while black spent its energy trying tos tay close to green. But in the end...the order never changed and green took home the win. Red was struggling due to its low numbers and its missing star player. Luckily Pao Pao is in town for a visit and helped red out. With barely 7 players and no subs they managed to give black a run for its money. Both black and green had excellent numbers...congrats for such devoted team members!

Game 2 Status:
Beet - 7
Hole - 9
Lettuce - 12

Overall Point Status:
Beet - 4
Hole - 4
Lettuce - 4

Spirit Player:
Female - Corey
Male - Nick

Join us for game 3 this coming saturday!!!