Monday, September 11, 2006

League V - Game 1 Recap

Last saturday marked the beginning of our first game for League V. Very exciting indeed.
We have three teams: Lettuce Rock U (green), Beet It (red), and Black Hole (black).

Beet and Hole had only 6 players on the line but were lucky enough to have Eamen and Dan help out. Lettuce had their 7 but were missing some of their hotshots and thus had somewhat of a rough game. Initially Hole took the lead but Beet would have much of it. They quickly gained a lead that wasn't going to be beet ;)

Lettuce struggled throughout the game but eventually made the scoreboard with a wicked cool point! they looked good but i think they are experiencing some growing pains. I am sure they will come back with a vengeance soon enough!

Game 1 Status
Beet - 10
Hole - 8
Lettuce - 1

Overall Point Status:
Beet - 3
Hole - 2
Lettuce - 1

Spirit Player:
Female - Sarah
Male - Eamen

Thanx also to Commissioner Morris for a wicked fun first game and to Jeannie & Tim who provided a super fun spontaneous party right after!!!