Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hopu Ka Lewa 8

Our favorite Tourney has been moved to November. That means 2 months from now. YAY! After two years of mud and rain we hope that november will bring drier fields. Let's just keep our fingers crossed. (Not that mud ain't fun...see pic)

Of course we are sending another Big Island team and hope to have as much fun as possible, if not more. A lot of people have expressed interest in joining the team. Please see below for guidelines to determine who gets to go and how much playing time is possible. We would love to have everybody play but a two-day tourney does not leave much room for playing team when too many people are in. So please understand our strict rules and don't despair. There is always KAIMANA in febuary and we are hoping to send a Big Island Men's and Women's team...Yeeehaaa!

By now most of you have heard that there will be another co-ed Hopu KaLewa tournament on Oahu this Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 10-12. AfterSwing of Fire's incredibly fun and successful trip last spring, it looks like there is even more local interest to go again. This is a great opportunity to play something other than "pickup" style ultimate in Hilo,and better your overall game by leaps and bounds.

That said, some of the more experienced players would like everyone to know the details of what is in store if you join this team:

1. Demonstrating Spirit Of The Game is essential for all team members. Everyone is expected to give their all while having a good time and being respectful of the safety and calls of others. Contributing to cheers both before and during the tournament also is a SOTG requirement.

2. Committment: One week from today, 9-5-06 is the deadline to email Eric if you want to commit to the team. If you can't commit by then thereprobably won't be a spot on the roster for you. If you back out aftercommitting, you will drop lower than Paul Nash on everyone's list. Those that have already emailed or told me verbally of their interest will needto email again to make it official, please.

3. Costs: Average round trip fare to Honolulu and back is ~$150. We are all going to coordinate flights to be there early Friday and leave late Sunday. You have plenty of advance notice to try and get a good deal on a flight, but if you arrive at a different time you might have to find your own ride tothe other side of the island where the fields are.
Everyone will be expected to chip in for a shared rental car(s)/van: ~$30
Tournament fee: ~$100, depending on how early you register.
Uniforms: ~$30.
So in order to go to this tournament you need to be prepared to spend on the order of $300.

4. There will be team practices once a week, starting an hour or two before the league games that are coming up. We will do drills, work on offensive and defensive sets, and practice plays. Playing time at the tournament will be based on your attendance, attitude, and performance at the practices. If you can't make many practices or refuse to play as instructed but still want to go, you shouldn't expect to play much. At the practices or after league we will have boat race training sessions,which will determine our "line" for this competition. There is a boat race trophy up for grabs at this tournament!

5. The team's roster is open to you if you can meet all the requirements listed above. Showing your no-no's may or may not get you on the team, Mo.

6. Captains: Dave is the men's captain, so if you hate him remember that you will have to take orders from him. Amy is the women's captain, and you are already used to taking orders from her. Everyone will have input on this team, but the final decisions will bemade by these two. Our spirit captain is Nadine, of course.