Monday, May 22, 2006

League IV Update

The numbers are dwindling and yet we manage a fun and competitive sunday every week. With Pao Pao gone the black team looked a bit sparse but Matt and Blake joined the Back Plague and together they played their hardest. Blue has lost Bhama, who is thinking about retiring form the sport :( after a big collision with lody last week...but nothing stops blue from dominating. Orange does what it can...a silly and fun team, there to cause trouble. Here are the results from the last games:

Game 2: To Tie or Die in the mud
Black 2, Orange 2, Blue 3

Game 3: Sudden Death
Black 1, Orange 2, Blue 3

Game 4: 666
Black 1, Orange 2, Blue 3

Note: winning team receives 3 points, second place 2 points, loser 1 point.

We have Game 5 next sunday and the FINALS on June 4th!!!