Tuesday, May 30, 2006

League IV - Game 5

As people leave the island for summer we have some visitors who are joining our games. Thus every sunday seems to be a mix of new teams with new faces. This past sunday we enjoyed game 5 without rain...yay!
It seemed that this time Orange Crush would not be able to claim its usual second place after initially trailing by more than 5 points behind both Blue Velvet and the Black Plague. It was a tough day for Orange but they came back to take place two behind Blue in the final round.

Blue was its fantastic self shoing off beautifully played sequences and great communication. Toward the end of the game, their ring leader Dave got injured during a wicked D. But that didn't stop them...with tributes to Dave they kept leading bringing them back again as team number 1.

The BLack plague was a new mix with strong players. They dominated during the first part of the game even giving blue a headache. But in the end even the plague didn't have it in them to bring home something but the last place. Thus being out of the finals on sunday, June 4th!

Blue - 3, Orange - 2, Black - 1

Spirit Awards: Lexy & Nathan

Please support the finals next sunday! Blue Velvet against Orange Crush....wear your favorite orange or blue ;)