Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mud Fest 2006

SWING OF FIRE has returned to Hilo and we proudly announce that we are:

First in Spirit
Second in Drinking
Third in Playing


Details to follow in future post!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lost & Found

* One blue nalgene bottle (small mouth) with stickers

* One blue camping chair

To claim contact dine or comment below!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sunday Pick Up Returns

The 3rd Hilo Ultimate League is officially over and this means that our Sunday Pick Up is back. At least until the 4th league starts, approximately mid-april.

So come and play: sundays @ 4:30pm at the Bayfront field!

PS: this sunday might be sparse because we have so many people going to Oahu to play at Hopu

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hopu Ka Lewa 7

Only 4 days until Hopu Ka Lewa, another amazing 3 day tournament on the island of Oahu (March 24th - 27th). This year the Big Island is sending its first ever coed Team to compete...yeehaaa!

We have 14 amazing players comitted to play hard and have fun on a team that we like to call : Swing of Fire.

Thank you Eric for gettin in the team bid and PJ for the great jersey design!

Best of Luck to you guys and i can't wait to post the results...

PS: we also have another awesome Hilo player joining a different Hopu team and we wish her a great tourney too!

3rd Hilo Ultimate League Finals

Last sunday we had the finals for our 3rd Hilo Ultimate League:

League Results:

Redrum - 12 points
Kermit & the stringbeans - 7 points
Black Plague - 5 points

Redrum was the clear winner of Hilo's Third League!


This time we decided to have a play off round. Team Black Plague and team Kermit competed in a game to 7 points to decide who should play Redrum in the finals. Black Plague played awesome and it seemed they might be able to beat the Kermits. But in the last 10 minutes of the game the Kermits pulled ahead beating the Plague by 2 points.

Kermit (8) - Black Plague (6)


A fun and intense game with plenty of mud and rain to keep things interesting. During the first half Redrum left Kermit in the mud with a lead of 8-2. But it didn't take the Kermits long to be green with envy and have a minor comeback. It wasn't enough to beat the ever-so-awesome red power machine but the results left everyone is a state of joy!

Redrum (15) - Kermit (10)

Congratulations REDRUM!


Most Spirit Female Player: Georgia
Most Spirit Male Player: JP



The party was a blast as always. The rain only added to the fun providing the necessary water for our slip'n slide. Plenty of beer and good food was to be had. And the results of the boat race showed that even in the realm of booze Red just won't lose!

And a HOORAY for Dave Gelber who will be the comissioner for the 4th Hilo Ultimate League!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome to Hilo Ultimate!

This is an attempt at creating an interactive webpage for the people who play or want to play Ultimate Frisbee in Hilo, Hawaii.