Sunday, December 17, 2006

Volcano suffocates on own vog and rain

Hilo squeaked out a victory, being the favorites from the beginning, on a rainy and cold saturday. They outmatched and outclassed a soggy-bottomed volcano crew. The vog suckers put up a good challenge at the beginning but were never able to take the lead. After half time Hilo simply sped ahead with muddy layouts and remarkable precision and agility. The lowlanders crushed volcano with a breathtaking 15-8.
Both sides put up excellent players with great attitudes and often looked flawless. But the mighty hiloians couldn't be broken be it rain, vog, mud, or freezing temperatures.

Thank you to the volcano crew for hosting and for taking the loss with pride. You played awesome. Better luck next time...maybe by then you will have secured Mongo for your team ;)

We had a blast...let's do it again! Anyone wanna challenge for a re-match?

JP, that party was a hit. Cheers!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hilo - Volcano Challenge

Oh yes...this will be the game of the year!
Volcano's bird catchin', plant eatin' , vog suckin', studious folks have challenged Hilo's strong and menacing huckers to a game up in vog polluted highly elevated rainy Volcano town. And we take the challenge with pride!

Date: Saturday, 16th
Place: Volcano
Time: 3pm

Afterwards we will rendevous at JP's where the volcano folks may drown their sorrows in beer...muhahahaah!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Player Profile - Mike M.

First Name: Mike
Field Name: Mike
Profession: Landlord
Age: 26
Favorite Field Position: Mid
Left or right handed: Right
Skirt or shorts: shorts
Lefthand point or zone (silly or serious): zone
Your best skill: Defense
When and where did you start playing?: Late '04 in Hilo
How long have you played in Hilo?: 2 years
Why do you play?: Fun!
Any injuries?: Nothing serious
Ultimate memory: Perfect layout score at Kaimana

Picture: Mike lays out for a pass at Kaimana XIV (2006)

Monday, December 04, 2006


She Go Ho has a new player: Georgia!!!

She is joining us all the way from New York! We are happy to have her back. Missed you girl!

That brings our roster to 12...woohooo!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Da boys are comin too!!!'s true...the boys got accepted and are going to Kaimana with the ho's!

Alright, time to get serious!!!

By the way, potential name for the men: He Lolo

me like!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The women's bid to Kaimana has been accepted!!!

Ladies we are going!!!!

Please start looking for tix, right now all 3 airlines have $39 one way fares. MIght get cheaper but probably not since its president's weekend!!!

Please look at the following webpage for more details!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kaimana XX Practice

Yes, we are starting practice for Kaimana Klassik!!!

Time: Sundays at 2:30pm for SHE GO HO and 3pm the boys
Place: the usual field

Please be ready, warmed up, and psyched at the given time!!!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hopu Ka Lewa 8 - Results

Ahhh, we're back!!!!
T'was a blissfully beautiful and rambunctious weekend! Lots of sunshine, lots of heat, lots of ultimate, lots of skin, lots of dancing 'n singing' 'n cheering. We're all tired but we're happy!!!

SWING OF FIRE (majority of Hilo players):
Overall - 6th place (5 losses, 4 wins, 1 tie)
Boat Race - 1st place (picture of trophy showing soon)
Spirit - 2nd place (well ok, we tied with Salllies and Pirates so it came down to a 3 way boatrace and them darn ol' cheatin' pirates ...arrrrhhhhh...stole fast racers from other teams and beat us...arrrrrrrhhhh)

ALOHA SPIRIT (Steve, Rick, Jody, and Jon E.):
They won the Penultimate Trophy...yay!!!
The best Aloha spirit team ever at HOPU!!!

HUCKING FAOLES (Joel And Chloe):
Played hard all through the tourney...1st in body shots...all due to Joel!!!!

It was a blast and everybody had fun. Besides some scratches and minor injuries everybody is healthy and happy! We played hard, sang loud, and danced proud!

Congrats to all the Hilo players...and of course to all the other teams that came out to HOPU!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Player Profile - Dave G.

to the Hilo Ultimate Daddy

First Name: Dave
Field Name: Gelber
Profession: Itinerant Ultimate Player
Age: None of your beeswax
Favorite Field Position: Handler
Left or right handed: Right
Skirt or shorts: shorts usually, but a skirt if the occasion calls for it
Lefthand point or zone (silly or serious): seriously silly
Your best skill: Kama Sutra Position #91
When and where did you start playing?: SDSU 1979
How long have you played in Hilo?: 4 years
Why do you play?: When you play ultimate you can't think of anything but frisbee, hence all of your worries fly away.
Any injuries?: Broken hands, fingers; sprained ankle, pulled muscles and bruised knees
Ultimate memory: 1st Kaimana tournament in 1992 where i applied Gold Bond powder to my genetials on a dare. I walked bow legged for the rest of the tournament.

Picture: Papa Dave taking defense serious at the Hilo Hat Draw Tournament 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Thank You!!!

Thank you to all non-Swing of Fire players in Hilo. They have been playing against the HOPU team during pick-up having to put up with our intensity and yellin' and regular tourney talk. Just wanted to say thanx for being patient, for putting up with us, and for helping us get ready!

Hilo Rocks!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kaimana XX Update

NEWS: both men and women of the Big Island of Hawaii have entered their bids for Kaimana XX!!! Let's Hope we both get in....yay!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Womenz Wednesdayz

I just need to say how excited i am about our Big Island Women huckers. Last night we had 13 gals out!!! THIRTEEN! That is awesome! Everyone is into it and learning and laughing. Its so exciting to see this grow.

A huge Mahalo to Bhama for getting this started and to Amy for taking the reigns on skillz and drillz!

Big Island Wahine Rock!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Frisbees For Sale!

You know you want one!!!

Our own very fast flyin' good-lookin' frisbees from the Hilo Hat Tournament 2006 designed by Morris!!!!

Only $8 a pop

black with metallic green design or white with rainbow design or blue with gold design

Contact Amy if you want one!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost & Found

* Aviator sunglasses (Ashley)

*sunglasses (not aviators, plastic frame) (Dan)
*tupperware container from final's BBQ, see-through with black lid (Dine)
*Portland State University T-shirt - black (Dine)

You lost or found something, please comment?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sunday Pick-up Returns

League is over and we are returning to Sunday Pick-up!!!

The usual spot, the usual time...

For Swing of Fire: be there at 2:30 for practice!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

League V Finale - Stats and Story

Last night's finals were a mixed bag of hot playing, serious heckling, terrific costuming, and all out fun.
The semi-finals were fast and furious (no joking). Chupa Lachuga got their butts handed to them in about 45 minutes by Beet It with a final score of 9-2 (OUCH!). It has been reported that the green team was so badly mourning the absence of their fearless captain Dave Gelber, that they couldn't manage to play with the fervor they had come to the field with over the rest of the league.

The final game featured Black Hole and Beet It in a head to head battle for the championship. Black Hole and Beet it were neck-in-neck for the first half, but after half-time Beet It broke away for a win of 15-7 (could Black Hole have been distracted by the half time show performed by the half schwilly Chupa Lachuga's?).
It was an overall great playoff afternoon- spirits were high, play was fierce, fun was had.

Spirit awards for League V:

Spirit awards for overall league V
Men: Phil
Women: Chloe

Spirit awards for league final game
Men: Will
Women: Corey

Thanks He-Mo for being our commish! You are the best

Upcoming: Stay tuned for info on League VI - probably to come after the holidays
Sunday pick up resumes next week
Hopu Practice resumes next week before Sunday pick up (?)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Player Profile - Morris

Here is to League V's comissioner...

First Name: Morris
Field Name: Mo/He-mo
Profession: Bird tech
Age: 25
Favorite Field Position: Handler
Left or right handed: Right
Skirt or shorts: Depends
Lefthand point or zone: Zone (4 man cup)
Your best skill: Tying my shoes
When and where did you start playing?: Hilo - 3 years ago
How long have you played in Hilo?: 2 years
Why do you play?: Fun, exercise, beers, everyone who plays, meeting girls
Any injuries?: Shins are a bitch
Ultimate memory: HOPU Mudfest 2006

Picture: Mo chasing disk high in the sky at Kaimana XIX 2006.

Monday, October 09, 2006

League V - Finals

The Hilo Ultimate League Finals will begin at 2:00 this coming Saturday!!! Everyone should arrive at 1:30 for warming up, because play will start promptly at 2:00!!! The final score on points for regular league play and seeding for the Finals are as follows:

Black Hole 11 points 1st seed
Chupa Lachuga 10 points 2nd seed
Beet It 9 points 3rd seed

So, in the Playoff Round will be Chupa Lachuga vs. Beet It in a 7 or 8- point game. This game will begin at 2:00 this Saturday!!! Following the playoff round, there will be a short break (15-30 minutes) and then the Final will begin between Black Hole and the winner of the Playoff. The Final will be to 15 or the time cap. Following the Final, awards will be given and the party will commence.

Everyone should bring grilling items and can make pupus to bring if you are happy. I think we will have a really good day of ultimate since the teams were brilliantly chosen. See everyone on the field!!!

Yours in commissioning,

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Lurker: a person reading blogs secretly
Delurking: a lurker speaking up for the first time

Delurk yourself!!!

Come on...just comment, it's easy. I put a lot of work in this and it seems worthless. So unless i get some comments this website shall be no more :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lost & Found

* red water bottle (Dave)

* sunglasses (dine)
* green water bottle (dine)

If you have found or lost items please leave a comment below. Comments are easy...either post as anonymous or sign up for a blogger's easy as 1-2-3.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wahine Weekend

A message from da Oahu gals:

Hey Ladies!

It’s that time again – the weather is getting a little cooler (not too much though) – the days of Kaimana have made it slightly into our view – we’re ready to play some women’s ultimate!

What: Wahine Weekend – Fall 2006
When: Oct. 21-22 (Saturday and Sunday)
Where: Makiki District Park on Oahu
Who: All the wahine out there that love to play ultimate and any other wahine we can convince to try it out for the first time.
Why: We love playing womens. It’s less dangerous than playing with the boys. It’s a good chance to recruit. It’s another excuse for a party, good food, good friends to hang out with.

Check out the webpage that has been prepped with a tentative schedule and some more details about the weekend. http://www.hawaiiul wahine.asp We’re trying to focus a lot on recruitment for this wahine weekend. What that means for you – everyone who can, should try to bring along at least one new player. Bring someone who’s into sports, looking for a fun group of women to hang out with - someone who’s been longing to find that ultimate community.

Off-island ladies – I only have a few e-mail addresses for folks off-island – please please please, help me by forwarding this info to those whose addresses I don’t have. Also, right now Go!, Aloha, and Hawaiian are offering cheap inter-island tickets. Take advantage while you can so you can come spend the weekend with us.

Please RSVP with whether you can make it or not. (if you can make only one day and not the other let me know that too) Additionally if you have questions – please please ask away. We’ll send out another e-mail later with more details as necessary and answers to questions. Oahu ladies – if you have space to house some of our neighbor island friends, please let me know so we can plan accordingly.

See you all soon!!

- The Wahine Weekend planning committee
(Frances, Megan, Laura Gilda, and Kelly)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

League V - Game 2 Recap

Another saturday another game! The beauty about this weeks game was that all the unexpected happened. Last weeks loser won, and last weeks winner lost. I like that. At this point all teams are even and everything is fun!

From the start Green showed its true colors winning every point but one. They came back with a vengeance. Black struggled to keep up and red wasn't even on the score board. But after a while red managed to catch up to black while black spent its energy trying tos tay close to green. But in the end...the order never changed and green took home the win. Red was struggling due to its low numbers and its missing star player. Luckily Pao Pao is in town for a visit and helped red out. With barely 7 players and no subs they managed to give black a run for its money. Both black and green had excellent numbers...congrats for such devoted team members!

Game 2 Status:
Beet - 7
Hole - 9
Lettuce - 12

Overall Point Status:
Beet - 4
Hole - 4
Lettuce - 4

Spirit Player:
Female - Corey
Male - Nick

Join us for game 3 this coming saturday!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Women's Wednesdays

Yes, it's here! Women’s ultimate in Hilo! We had an awesome first night of pick-up play with many new faces. We are hoping to build our numbers as we create a supportive environment for newcomers to learn the game. We had several experienced players out there teaching the game.......... and the high point of the night was when a first time player skyed her opponent for a D in the endzone.

We are playing the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 5:00 PM at the Chiefess Kapiolani School at 966 Kilauea Av. The fields are behind the school on Mohouli St.

Monday, September 11, 2006

League V - Game 1 Recap

Last saturday marked the beginning of our first game for League V. Very exciting indeed.
We have three teams: Lettuce Rock U (green), Beet It (red), and Black Hole (black).

Beet and Hole had only 6 players on the line but were lucky enough to have Eamen and Dan help out. Lettuce had their 7 but were missing some of their hotshots and thus had somewhat of a rough game. Initially Hole took the lead but Beet would have much of it. They quickly gained a lead that wasn't going to be beet ;)

Lettuce struggled throughout the game but eventually made the scoreboard with a wicked cool point! they looked good but i think they are experiencing some growing pains. I am sure they will come back with a vengeance soon enough!

Game 1 Status
Beet - 10
Hole - 8
Lettuce - 1

Overall Point Status:
Beet - 3
Hole - 2
Lettuce - 1

Spirit Player:
Female - Sarah
Male - Eamen

Thanx also to Commissioner Morris for a wicked fun first game and to Jeannie & Tim who provided a super fun spontaneous party right after!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good Bye Matt & Jeremy!!!

As new people join us every year there are those that leave us. It seems lately we been having a stream of great people saying good bye. It is always sad because when you start playing hilo ultimate you become family!!!

This post is to say aloha to Matt and Jeremy, yeah the really tall one ;)
Matt has already left us this summer and i just haven't had a chance to mention it. Its already to obvious that he is gone. From lil Noah on the sidelines to Matt's strong voice on the field. Matt and his family are very very missed! But we know that they have moved on to fantastic new life in Virginia (i think its Virginia) with a super new job teaching at the university for Matt. We wish him and his family the best of luck and hope you will visit and play a point with us!

Now Jeremy is about to leave and i can't even begin to say how much his red tight undies, funky T's, and his beautiful hair will be missed! Always a smile on his face and with the longest stride in history he is ready to chase after that disk. It's been so great to have you with us all this time and we wish it could be for longer.
Jeremy is moving "home" (Georgia) for a little while only to return for a few weeks later this year when he will leave us for good for an awesome job off the coast of California. Have fun out there and keep comin' back!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hopu Ka Lewa 8

Our favorite Tourney has been moved to November. That means 2 months from now. YAY! After two years of mud and rain we hope that november will bring drier fields. Let's just keep our fingers crossed. (Not that mud ain't fun...see pic)

Of course we are sending another Big Island team and hope to have as much fun as possible, if not more. A lot of people have expressed interest in joining the team. Please see below for guidelines to determine who gets to go and how much playing time is possible. We would love to have everybody play but a two-day tourney does not leave much room for playing team when too many people are in. So please understand our strict rules and don't despair. There is always KAIMANA in febuary and we are hoping to send a Big Island Men's and Women's team...Yeeehaaa!

By now most of you have heard that there will be another co-ed Hopu KaLewa tournament on Oahu this Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 10-12. AfterSwing of Fire's incredibly fun and successful trip last spring, it looks like there is even more local interest to go again. This is a great opportunity to play something other than "pickup" style ultimate in Hilo,and better your overall game by leaps and bounds.

That said, some of the more experienced players would like everyone to know the details of what is in store if you join this team:

1. Demonstrating Spirit Of The Game is essential for all team members. Everyone is expected to give their all while having a good time and being respectful of the safety and calls of others. Contributing to cheers both before and during the tournament also is a SOTG requirement.

2. Committment: One week from today, 9-5-06 is the deadline to email Eric if you want to commit to the team. If you can't commit by then thereprobably won't be a spot on the roster for you. If you back out aftercommitting, you will drop lower than Paul Nash on everyone's list. Those that have already emailed or told me verbally of their interest will needto email again to make it official, please.

3. Costs: Average round trip fare to Honolulu and back is ~$150. We are all going to coordinate flights to be there early Friday and leave late Sunday. You have plenty of advance notice to try and get a good deal on a flight, but if you arrive at a different time you might have to find your own ride tothe other side of the island where the fields are.
Everyone will be expected to chip in for a shared rental car(s)/van: ~$30
Tournament fee: ~$100, depending on how early you register.
Uniforms: ~$30.
So in order to go to this tournament you need to be prepared to spend on the order of $300.

4. There will be team practices once a week, starting an hour or two before the league games that are coming up. We will do drills, work on offensive and defensive sets, and practice plays. Playing time at the tournament will be based on your attendance, attitude, and performance at the practices. If you can't make many practices or refuse to play as instructed but still want to go, you shouldn't expect to play much. At the practices or after league we will have boat race training sessions,which will determine our "line" for this competition. There is a boat race trophy up for grabs at this tournament!

5. The team's roster is open to you if you can meet all the requirements listed above. Showing your no-no's may or may not get you on the team, Mo.

6. Captains: Dave is the men's captain, so if you hate him remember that you will have to take orders from him. Amy is the women's captain, and you are already used to taking orders from her. Everyone will have input on this team, but the final decisions will bemade by these two. Our spirit captain is Nadine, of course.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Player Profile - Katie V.

I am happy to announce that Katie is now one of the contributers to this website. Welcome and Thank You!!!
First Name: Katie V.
Field Name: Katie
Profession: Science Teacher
Age: 26
Favorite Field Position: Mid
Left or right handed: Right but working on left
Skirt or shorts: Skirt
Lefthand point or zone: Left-hand point
Your best skill: Lookin' good
When and where did you start playing?: 1994, Camp Menogyn, Grand Marais, MN
How long have you played in Hilo?: August 2005 - right off the boat
Why do you play?: Too much fun
Any injuries?: shin-ding
Ultimate memory: First boat race after my first competitive league finals

Picture: Katie reading the disk ... ready to catch it at any moment during League III Finals

Monday, August 28, 2006

Fall League to start soon!!!

It's that time again...Hilo's Ultimate League returns. Hard to believe and yet exciting that this will be our 5th league. This league's commissioner will be Morris. Sign-up sheets will be available this week at the field. Make sure you let Morris know ASAP that you want to play.

Please also indicate whether you want league on Saturdays or Sundays. Some people have expressed a wish to move league to saturdays so that we can stay afterwards and relax drink beers etc without worrying about work the next day.

Last but not least, if you want to be a captain...this is your chance...let Morris know!

Picture: Jeremy chasing after Nick who makes a spectacular lay out in attempt to grap that disk!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thanks Dave and Bhama

What a wonderful way to end the summer and get a bunch of fun loving ultimate freaks together than a party out at the D and B's farm.
It was a night of delicious food (who made the cous cous? Yummy), mouth watering beverages (cashed by 10? Yup, its an ultimate party), and some crazy games.

If you havent joined us on the field for a while, remember we play Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings around 5 at Bayfront. All are welcome.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Aloha Georgia & Chas & Lody!!!

Aloha and Good Bye to three wicked players!

Yes we are loosing them each day and it breaks our hearts.

Georgia is off to be a teacher in NYC for Teach for America and we wish best of luck!!!

Chas is off to Boise, ID to get a job and start life with his fiance. Have fun!

Lody is off for summer break to visit his folks. We hope he will return but the chances seem slim. We do hope you come back lody!

T o you three...all the best and much love!

League IV - Game 5

As people leave the island for summer we have some visitors who are joining our games. Thus every sunday seems to be a mix of new teams with new faces. This past sunday we enjoyed game 5 without rain...yay!
It seemed that this time Orange Crush would not be able to claim its usual second place after initially trailing by more than 5 points behind both Blue Velvet and the Black Plague. It was a tough day for Orange but they came back to take place two behind Blue in the final round.

Blue was its fantastic self shoing off beautifully played sequences and great communication. Toward the end of the game, their ring leader Dave got injured during a wicked D. But that didn't stop them...with tributes to Dave they kept leading bringing them back again as team number 1.

The BLack plague was a new mix with strong players. They dominated during the first part of the game even giving blue a headache. But in the end even the plague didn't have it in them to bring home something but the last place. Thus being out of the finals on sunday, June 4th!

Blue - 3, Orange - 2, Black - 1

Spirit Awards: Lexy & Nathan

Please support the finals next sunday! Blue Velvet against Orange Crush....wear your favorite orange or blue ;)

Monday, May 22, 2006

League IV Update

The numbers are dwindling and yet we manage a fun and competitive sunday every week. With Pao Pao gone the black team looked a bit sparse but Matt and Blake joined the Back Plague and together they played their hardest. Blue has lost Bhama, who is thinking about retiring form the sport :( after a big collision with lody last week...but nothing stops blue from dominating. Orange does what it can...a silly and fun team, there to cause trouble. Here are the results from the last games:

Game 2: To Tie or Die in the mud
Black 2, Orange 2, Blue 3

Game 3: Sudden Death
Black 1, Orange 2, Blue 3

Game 4: 666
Black 1, Orange 2, Blue 3

Note: winning team receives 3 points, second place 2 points, loser 1 point.

We have Game 5 next sunday and the FINALS on June 4th!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bye Bye Pao Pao!!

It came as a suprise to all of us when we found out that Pao Pao (David) was leaving the island...leaving ultimate...leaving us :(
I believe he has been there almost everyday in the past years...missing no more than 5 days! Rain or shine, mud or dry earth there he is throwing a hammer, laughing and joking...

He has gone to join the navy and we will miss him very much!

Good Luck Pao Pao and teach them men on the front how to throw a hammer ;)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Player Profile - Phil K.

First Name: Phil
Field Name: Phil
Profession: student
Age: old enough
Favorite Field Position: sideline
Left or right handed: right
Skirt or shorts: shorts
Lefthand point or zone: stack
Your best skill: tall
When and where did you start playing?: 7 months ago in Hilo
How long have you played in Hilo?: 7 months
Why do you play?: it kicks ass
Any injuries?: no
Ultimate memory: Hilo Hat Draw Champs 2006

League IV - Game 1

Overall it was a great start to the 4th league. We were a bit short on numbers, especially Team Black and Team Orange and thus only two teams played each other: blue versus Orange/Black. Hopefully we will have more players next week. It was a close game for most of the first half until Blue charged ahead to finish with 7-5 for halftime. Even though Orange kept up fairly well during the second half, they never had enough hucking power to catch up with blue. The final score: 12-10 for blue!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hilo League IV to start soon!

Happy to announce that League IV will be starting on Sunday, april 30th.

Comissioner: Dave Gelber

Team 1 captains: Eric Haskins & Jon Price
Team 2 captains: Mike McCrary & Amy Baum
Black Plague captains: TBA

Initial team members have been chosen but if you are interested in joining the league, please contact the comissioner ASAP.

Games will be every sunday at 5pm at the Bayfront field. Please be there at 4:30pm for warm ups.
We will play Bok Choy with two 45 min halves. First place: 3pts, second place: 2pts, last: 1pt.
Finals will be held on June 4th between the two best teams.

HULA Grant Opportunities

More money to be found:

HULA has an Aloha Grant "to promote growth in Ultimate and Ultimate Spirit in Hawaii, to create links between HULA and the local community, to serve members’ needs, and to create documentation that will inspire others to further innovation and excellence.
HULA’s Ultimate Aloha Grant program is looking for creative ideas and programs to help promote the sport, offering funds of up to $500 per project. "

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ultimate Innovation Grant

Do you want to start a youth frisbee program, or support the growth of the ultimate community? Read on:

Innovation Grant Program is to promote growth in Ultimate and Ultimate Spirit in North America, to create links between the UPA and local organizers, to serve members' needs and to create documentation that will inspire others to further innovation and excellence.

The UPA’s Innovation Grant Program began in 1997. The program budget is $1500.00 and we can offer funds of up to $500.00 per project. We rely on our donors, applicants and volunteers to maintain and support the continuing development of the program.

For more information: Ultimate Innovation Grant

Friday, April 07, 2006

Soon To Come:

Sorry about the delay in posts but i've been real busy. Here are some things that i hope to post in the near future:

1. Stories, songs, and pics from Hopu Mud Fest
2. Player Bios, a sort of monthly who's who in hilo
3. Weekly or monthly pieces on different plays, strategies...stuff on how to play the game
4. Ultimate news from around the globe

If you have any other ideas, or things you would like to see on this blog please comment below...its real easy!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mud Fest 2006

SWING OF FIRE has returned to Hilo and we proudly announce that we are:

First in Spirit
Second in Drinking
Third in Playing


Details to follow in future post!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Lost & Found

* One blue nalgene bottle (small mouth) with stickers

* One blue camping chair

To claim contact dine or comment below!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sunday Pick Up Returns

The 3rd Hilo Ultimate League is officially over and this means that our Sunday Pick Up is back. At least until the 4th league starts, approximately mid-april.

So come and play: sundays @ 4:30pm at the Bayfront field!

PS: this sunday might be sparse because we have so many people going to Oahu to play at Hopu

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hopu Ka Lewa 7

Only 4 days until Hopu Ka Lewa, another amazing 3 day tournament on the island of Oahu (March 24th - 27th). This year the Big Island is sending its first ever coed Team to compete...yeehaaa!

We have 14 amazing players comitted to play hard and have fun on a team that we like to call : Swing of Fire.

Thank you Eric for gettin in the team bid and PJ for the great jersey design!

Best of Luck to you guys and i can't wait to post the results...

PS: we also have another awesome Hilo player joining a different Hopu team and we wish her a great tourney too!

3rd Hilo Ultimate League Finals

Last sunday we had the finals for our 3rd Hilo Ultimate League:

League Results:

Redrum - 12 points
Kermit & the stringbeans - 7 points
Black Plague - 5 points

Redrum was the clear winner of Hilo's Third League!


This time we decided to have a play off round. Team Black Plague and team Kermit competed in a game to 7 points to decide who should play Redrum in the finals. Black Plague played awesome and it seemed they might be able to beat the Kermits. But in the last 10 minutes of the game the Kermits pulled ahead beating the Plague by 2 points.

Kermit (8) - Black Plague (6)


A fun and intense game with plenty of mud and rain to keep things interesting. During the first half Redrum left Kermit in the mud with a lead of 8-2. But it didn't take the Kermits long to be green with envy and have a minor comeback. It wasn't enough to beat the ever-so-awesome red power machine but the results left everyone is a state of joy!

Redrum (15) - Kermit (10)

Congratulations REDRUM!


Most Spirit Female Player: Georgia
Most Spirit Male Player: JP



The party was a blast as always. The rain only added to the fun providing the necessary water for our slip'n slide. Plenty of beer and good food was to be had. And the results of the boat race showed that even in the realm of booze Red just won't lose!

And a HOORAY for Dave Gelber who will be the comissioner for the 4th Hilo Ultimate League!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome to Hilo Ultimate!

This is an attempt at creating an interactive webpage for the people who play or want to play Ultimate Frisbee in Hilo, Hawaii.